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RepresentEd is empowering early-stage professionals to kickstart a rewarding career through a community-centered approach that emphasizes equity and authenticity.

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A holistic approach to career development

Our programming consists of training, coaching, networking and career opportunities that expose participants to various fields such as design, technology, education, healthcare, entrepreneurship and more. We center human-centered design as a framework for participants to leverage their existing strengths as growing professionals into becoming creative problem solvers.

Our approach

We push associates to reflect on their authentic selves and envision future careers that combine economic success with social impact.

Professional Development

We prepare students and early-stage professionals to be competitive applicants and effective leaders through a series of in class workshops addressing concrete skills like networking, resume building and interviewing.

We expose associates to a wide range of accomplished professionals with whom they share similar backgrounds and experiences, including our team of experienced professional development coaches.

Ecosystem of Support
Design Thinking

We train students in human-centered design methodology, which enables them to apply their academic and personal knowledge to solve workplace challenges.


Designed with you in mind

At RepresentEd, we're redefining career development services by taking a human-centered approach that highlights authenticity, integrity, and diversity while still providing early-stage professionals with the resources and skills needed to excel in their fields. We have created a dynamic array of seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities that expose aspiring professionals to a wide range of fields and practices.

With RepresentEd, it's easy to kickstart a career no matter your background, college major or professional experience.

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KP Launch

In partnership with Kaiser Permanente, RepresentEd is focused on helping students get access to non-clinical healthcare roles. This internship program provides participants with the skills, knowledge, and insights needed to kickstart a great career in the healthcare space.

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Color by Design

Developed by RepresentEd in tandem with IDEO, Color by Design is focused on removing traditional boundaries in the field of design to pave avenues for non-traditional professionals to reach their full potential. It’s one of the only programs of its kind focused on serving untapped talent in the design industry.

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Merritt PLAN

The purpose of our Merritt Business PLAN Program is to offer personal and professional development training to ensure that participants have the tools needed to translate their academic experiences into practice in the workplace.

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Meet our program participants

“As a first generation American, first generation college graduate, a Black woman, and single mom from the hood in Brooklyn, I’m not supposed to be here- at least that’s what society says, but here I am, as one of the FIRST fellows in this inaugural [Color by Design] class.”

RepresentEd Fellow | Color by Design
Shawntel Cyril

“[KP Launch] has provided me with every experience I could ever dream of. I've found mentors, role models, and people I consider family based on the love and support they've given me. I've found my passion and the confidence I need to successfully say that I can and I will become a physician.”

RepresentEd Associate I KP Launch
Azeen Keihani

“My biggest takeaway from my experience at KP Launch and with RepresentEd is that discomfort is not always a negative thing, especially when you’re learning something new. With warm replies and constructive feedback, I was taught a variety of different and useful skills that helped me for my internship and will continue to help me going forward.”

RepresentEd Associate I KP Launch
Gabriella Brown

“I feel my time with RepresentEd not only inspired me to broaden my job prospects, but helped me build a critical foundation of professional identity and authenticity. This has really increased my confidence as a professional.”

RepresentEd Associate | Pathways
Jasmine Pettway

“Through RepresentEd, I was given the opportunity to put theory into practice, strengthen my problem solving ability and present ideas to other professionals. RepresentEd taught me that my life circumstances are not a valid reason for me have less access to professional opportunities.”

RepresentEd Associate | Pathways
Catrina Caneda
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