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We help organizations navigate the ever-changing talent market.

We find ourselves in a moment of collective re-evaluation. Whether you're an employer hiring fresh graduates who are entering their first job, or evaluating retirement strategies for seasoned professionals, companies are forced to reflect on what employees want out of life, their jobs, and employers. In order to thrive in these shifting times, RepresentEd believes organizations must embrace a people-first and community mindset.

The challenges
  • Attracting and retaining great talent is challenging, and it has become harder to differentiate your value proposition to employees in this competitive market
  • These constant changes require organizations to be nimble and strategic at the same time
  • Many organizations walk in with the best intentions, yet miss the mark between what they’re offering and what their customers and communities actually need

of companies struggle to recruit effectively, relying on traditional out-dated and inadequate recruitment practices.


of a company’s future roles can be filled by current employees, assuming that adequate programs are in place.


of employees and job seekers said diversity was important when considering job offers.


Our solution

RepresentEd helps future-proof companies by connecting them with an untapped pool of talented professionals who bring fresh perspectives, forward-thinking insights, and new passion to the organization. This vital energy helps to ignite innovation and stimulate culture shifts needed to keep high growth companies at the top of their game.

Leverage the power of People-First Solutions

RepresentEd applies human-centered design as a methodology to ensure that our programming serves the needs of our partners’ and the communities, customers and users that they serve.

Access untapped talent

RepresentEd partners with employers so that they may access, prepare for and welcome a carefully selected untapped talent pool of individuals that are equipped through training and mentorship, allowing them the ability to hit the ground running on day one.

Stand out from the crowd

In this competitive market, differentiate yourself as an industry leader by being proactive with your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. Leaders that can take this strategic and intentional approach to positioning their organizations in a diverse marketplace are more likely to maintain their competitive edge.

Choose the package that’s right for you

All of our service offerings are co-designed, cohort based, led by currently practicing experts and include assessments, evaluations & reports. Further add-ons include:  recruitment help, materials and program Instruction/facilitation training


Your business is only as strong as its workforce. If you’re behind on where your team should be, we can catch everything up to speed through our comprehensive workforce development solutions. Our 8-12 week trainings are designed to affect long-lasting and company-wide change to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and boost growth.

See it in action: Merritt PLAN
Wrap-around Support

Sometimes, it takes an outsider’s eye to gain clarification on where your business is and where it needs to go. Our team of business consulting experts will take a deep dive to understand your business to highlight areas for improvement. We’ll help you clarify actionable objectives needed to improve your team’s effectiveness.

See it in action: KP Launch
Custom Package

Specific needs demand targeted solutions. That’s why we offer custom programming sessions where our team will meet with you one-on-one to elucidate specific ways your team can progress, develop, and grow to continue working towards business objectives both on short and long-term timelines.

See it in action: Color by Design
Hear what our clients have to say

“RepresentEd's community minded approach has permeated throughout our organization and has served as a model of what equity in action looks like. It’s been refreshing to work with partners who demonstrate deep care of individuals, are committed to the success of their fellows and help shape the design expertise we provide as a service to our clients."

Global Talent L&D Director | IDEO
Rebecca Mattis-Pinard

“We are incredibly grateful to partner with RepresentEd [on the KP Launch program] to provide professional development support and effective learning experiences for our interns. The program’s focus on human-centered design and it’s unique curriculum have helped build interns’ leadership, personal development, and critical thinking skills. RepresentEd has played such a valuable role in equipping our interns with skills and confidence to become future leaders and changemakers in the healthcare industry."

Operations & Strategy Director | Kaiser Permanente
Pam Ulmer

“RepresentEd [has] been instrumental in creating space for scholars like ours to shine and achieve their goals of entering the workforce in their desired field. We are so fortunate to have in our own backyard a talented and committed group to provide the skills and confidence building approach to our wonderful and deserving scholars. All colleges should have something like this for their students...a model that should be replicated!”

Executive Director | Berkeley Community Scholars
Sherry Smith

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